Tax Advice

This department will advise you on all what you need for your business or for yourself, always trying to improve the relationship and communication to planify the best company performance. 


Here you will find all the information and support regarding to accounting and tax obligations appropriate to the type and size of your company. 


Our graduate lawyer will advise and provide you with personalized service. 

Labour Management

Our professionals provide you solutions to outsourcing the management staff of your company with the highest quality service and accountability in all areas that comprise both personnel management and labour relations, collective bargaining, etc.

Property Administration

We are managing property communities since 1989, giving to the administration of the community or heritager with maximum clarity, communication and immediate solutions to resolve the issues as well as a flexible and effective administration and accounting community.

Property Management

We are able to offer the best solution in each case, taking into account the specific requirements of your property giving the best performance and maximum time saving in your efforts:

Buying and selling.
Property valuation.


“We do guarantee expertise, based on our 20-year experience”